Autumn Lawn Care Tips For Minnesota Lawns

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Fall Lawn Care Tip #1: Fall Lawn maintenance
To be sure, there will be some fall lawn maintenance you'll have to do regardless of the type of grass on your lawn. Let's look at these tasks first:

  • Apply herbicides to broadleaf weeds
  • Correct soil pH: if your lawn is not performing well, have your soil tested. If the soil test should show a need to reduce acidity, apply lime now. If alkalinity needs to be reduced, apply sulfur
  • Thatch removal: dethatch your lawn, by raking; for bad cases of soil compaction, you may have to employ the technique known as core aeration, for which lawn equipment is known as "aerators" can be bought or rented
  • Rake leaves, or use a leaf vacuum, lest the leaves smother your grass over the winter

Lawn equipment care: make sure to drain old gas out of lawnmowers after the last mowing

The nature of the following fall lawn care chores depends on whether it's a cool-season or warm-season turf grass that you have to care for:

  • Watering
  • Fertilization
  • Setting lawn mower height

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