Summer Lawn Care Tips For Minnesota Lawns

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Summer Lawn Care Tip #1: Longer Is Better

Many people cut their grass too short. Optimal length is around 3 in. This helps shade out weeds, keeps the roots cooler and provides enough grass leaf to encourage deeper root growth.

Summer Lawn Care Tip #2: Water Right

A lawn needs about 1 in. of water a week. If you're allowed to use a sprinkler or irrigation system, water twice a week applying 1/2 in. of water per session.

Frequent light watering does more harm than good because it encourages shallow root growth. So use a rain gauge or a soup can placed nearby to measure the amount of water you are applying. Of course, to avoid wasting water, be mindful of proper sprinkler setup. Be sure that water is not being wasted on sidewalks, driveways or the patio.

Morning is the best time to water most lawns. Before 10:00 am is the best of all because rising heat later on tends to steal a lot of the water through evaporation.

  • A lush green lawn requires 1"-1.5" of rain per week
  • Avoid watering when it is windy
  • Lawns that are frequently aerated absorb water much better
  • Mulch around shrubs and other plantings so the soil holds moisture longer
  • Adjust your sprinklers to evenly water your vegetation. Avoid areas that runoff
  • Check with your city about their watering regulations

Summer Lawn Care Tip #3: Dormant Is Okay

Don't panic if there's a drought. A lawn can go brown and dormant for as long as eight weeks. When the drought is over, apply a summer fertilizer and repair damaged areas.

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