Lawn Spraying
In the spring of this year I signed up for the spraying contract with Owatonna Groundsmasters. I had more weeds than grass and wanted to have nice green grass that I could be proud of.

I called Owatonna Groundsmasters and they came out and measured and told me what would work best for my lawn, and all I can say is WOW what a difference it has made. I have seen changes in my yard

with more grass growing than weeds which is great. I am very happy to be a customer and would recommend Owatonna Groundsmasters to all who want a happy healthy lawn. The customer service has been exceptional.
—Brian C.

Sprinkler System
I am very impressed with the sprinkler system Owatonna Groundsmasters installed in our yard. When the crew came to do the installing each man knew his job and went about it in a professional manner. All the Toro material they used was ready to use on the truck so there was no need for extra trips to get equipment.

The whole job seemed to go together very easy; I am very pleased with the job and the Toro material that was used and would recommend your company and the Toro system to my friends and neighbors anytime.
— Bob L. - Faribault, MN

Lawn Service
The rain has helped this year however, our 1st year with Owatonna Groundsmasters my lawn looking better than I've ever seen it!
—Brad R. - Owatonna, MN

Irrigation System
I just wanted to write to tell you how much my husband and I always appreciate the good service we get from Owatonna Groundsmasters! We have been customers for over 4 years now and use your company for our lawn weed spraying and maintenance during the spring, summer, and fall. Your company installed a Toro lawn sprinkler system for us about 4 years ago. We have been very satisfied with the system. Like anything mechanical, there have been a few adjustments needed, but whenever I call I get a friendly voice and prompt service. People in our neighborhood often comment that our yard looks like a golf course! Thanks for helping us take good care of our lawn!
—Craig and Pat J. - Medford, MN

Mosquito Control
We called Owatonna Groundsmasters for mosquito control. What a difference!!!! We live in a fairly wooded area and the mosquito's made it unbearable to enjoy our backyard. By having Owatonna Groundsmasters treat for mosquito's we are now able to spend more time enjoying the outdoors without getting eaten' alive. If you want to be outdoors and don't want to be bothered by mosquitos call Owatonna Groundsmasters for mosquito control.
—David B. - Owatonna, MN

Bug Kits
The bug kits have a super easy application and very effective to get rid of those Asian beetles and Boxelder bugs. The kit is cost friendly too!
—Jodi A. - Medford, MN

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