Ice Melt is now available at Owatonna Groundsmasters. We have pet safe Green Paws and EcoSalt that is environment friendly.

Ice Melt in Owatonna, MN

Green Paws® Ice Melt

Green Paws® is an ice melt product formulated with a blend of rock salt and a specially engineered product made from 100% organic, renewable agriculture ingredient. This unique blend is environmentally friendly and extremely effective at low temperatures. GREEN PAWS™ will melt more snow and ice than rock salt. GREEN PAWS™ is less corrosive than rock salt and is colored for easy visibility where applied. Available in 20 #bag, 8# Smart Cube. GREEN PAWS™ DOES NOT CONTAIN products that may be harmful to pets, including but not limited to calcium and magnesium chlorides, urea, glycol, calcium magnesium acetate or formats.



Premium medium tan granule, effective to -20°F Geomelt® technology, with ‘X-22’ corrosion inhibitor Up to 80% less corrosive than rock salt Reduced application rate 20-30% compared to salt Reduction in salt usage means less corrosion & chlorides in environment Safer for pets, environmentally friendly Safer for green spaces and turf Inhibits hard pack – black ice on walks and pavement Available in 20, 40, 50# bags, 12# shaker jugs, 1-Ton Super Saks and bulk